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Here we have a Kato Burlington Northern SD40G. This loco is too new for my modeling time of May 1988, but I had detailed it before I backdated from 1990. It will find some running time between operating sessions.
I found a few pictures to work from on the 'net of these rebuilt SD40's. They were rebuilt in 89' and leased back to the BN by GATX leasing. First thing to do was paint the handrails green and the ends white. I then added cut levers, air hoses, MU hoses and a plow up front. On the cab, I added wind deflectors/rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, sunshades and a firecracker antenna. I also added numbers to all the numberboards. I did leave off one of the major details of these rebuilds - the brake wheel and stand on the rear platform. Since this involve making one out of scratch and filling in the ratchet brake on the nose, I skipped this untill my skills improve. I also left the Micro Trains N scale couplers on this loco. Once the shell was done, I added a TCS CN-GP decoder to the frame with minimal milling involved. I also gave the shell just a light weathering job. Another smooth running loco is ready for pool service on the OVS!





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