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Here we have a Kato Burlington Northern SD40. This is an original blue case run from the 90's. Kato was getting better at painting their shells, but there still is some weird color sections, evidenced by the green side walls in the step wells and no window "frame" painted silver. Both of those were corrected. Looking at photos online showed this class of loco had the high mount brakes, so I swapped out the stock trucks for some. Other than that, just a general detailing. More pool power for the RR!
Details include:
Renumbered using Microscale decals on long hood and Shellscale decals in numberboards
BLMA cut levers, MU hoses, air hoses, rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, and lift rings.
Atlas large MU cable
BLMA MU cable receptacle covers
Sunrise Enterprises Plow
Atlas horn
NSN beacon
Custom made firecracker antenna
painted handrails, window frames, step wells and step ends
misc. other decals
Z scale couplers
Digitrax DZ123 decoder





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