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Here we have a Kato SD40, road number 5003. I couldn't find any photos of this particular loco, so the modifications made were taken from pictures I did find of Santa Fe SD40's. Straight from the manufacturer, these locos look very plain, so it took alot of details to make this loco stand out. But for some reason with this loco, the Detailing Gods were against me. I ended up breaking 2 #80 drill bits and had to redo a few holes and reglue a few pieces, and even then I'm not that happy with how this loco turned out. But back to the details. First on the list was adding an AC unit to the cab, along with 2 antenna stands and antenna on them. Then some sunshades, rearview mirrors, windshield wipers and relocating the horn to the long hood. Down to the pilot, I added uncoupling levers, MU hoses and a big MU cable. Z scale couplers were also installed front and back. Santa Fe's SD40's didn't have plows, so even with all this, it still looks a bit plain to me. Once all that stuff was added, it was on to the paint. The biggest change in this loco is painting the walkways the correct color, blue. Once that was done, I finished painting up all the other details, gave it a "light" weathering job and installed a Lenz LE0511 DCC decoder. Another Loco ready for hard service on the railroad.





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