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Like most everyone, my layouts have evolved from some simple sectional track set up on a piece of wood to actual benchwork, roadbed, and track. Here is a gathering of what I call my "real" layouts - one's that were built with framed benchwork and elevated off the ground. All are N scale, since I was too young to care about building benchwork when I had my HO trains. Click on the picture for more. Enjoy!


My very first elevated off the floor, benchwork built N scale layout in my bedroom at my parents home

Mid 2001- Mid 2004

First major layout built in a spare bedroom of a rented apartment

Sept. 2004

Small layout built for a raffle contest for the Flagstaff Model Railroad Club

Xmas and New Years 2004-2005

Small layout built for the Xmas show that the Sedona Railroaders puts on every year

2005 - all

Owens Valley Sub (the first incarnation)

2006 - first half

Owens Valley Sub (Version 2)



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