October 22nd, 2017

So that mess of sticks are starting to take shape into recognizable model railroad benchwork. Started in the Rock Creek Canyon section on the lower level and worked my way around the end of the mushroom peninsula. I also got a section of backdrop installed on the upper section inside the mushroom. I really like the way this is turning out!


First section of backdrop installed along the Rock Creek Canyon section.


Opposite angle. I'm gluing in the masonite hardboard so I won't have to fill holes when it comes time to paint them, so the scrap MDF is wedged against the backdrop holding in place, along with the screws top and bottom.


Standing on the raised floor inside the mushroom section.


Curving around the end of the mushroom peninsula.


Rock Creek Canyon will be along the benchwork to the left.


End shot.


And around to the other side. Note the lowered benchwork to the right where the large trestle across Rock Creek will be.


Standing inside the mushroom.


Putting in the section between the town of Laws and the start of Rock Creek Canyon.


Got a section of backdrop in on the upper level, inside the mushroom.


From inside the mushroom.



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