July 31st, 2017

Now that some of the mushroom benchwork is up, I turned towards the yard area. Started adding some wall supports and installed the front edging pieces of MDF to both the upper and lower levels in the Laws area. Also added the supports for the lights above the large Owens Valley Produce building area thats under the stairs.


First supports for the yard at Bishop! Depth of the yard is 18". Also got the A/C unit installed! I can finally work in comfort in the layout room!


Opposite direction. Rock Creek will be located where the blue level is on the left.


More supports.


Adding the front strips of MDF to the wall supports.


Under the stairs, which is the future town of Laws. I have some of the old spline roadbed I saved from the previous layout laying on the benchwork to give me an idea of what the track will look like in this area.


Added the supports for the lights and valance at this area under the stairs.


The future location of the large Owens Valley Produce building. This section of benchwork is almost 30" deep. The Laws wye will curve around the OVP building and head out back towards the layout room entrance to the right.



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