July 11th, 2017

Not too much done in this update. Going up and down a step stool got old quick, so I built part of the raised section of floor that will be used for the inside of the mushroom. Continued with more of the mushroom benchwork.


Started on the raised floor for the mushroom. Had to keep enough headroom for some of my taller operators that will come run trains so the floor is only 18" tall while the benchwork climbs 20". So lower level track will be 52" off the floor while the mushroom section of track will be 54" off the floor.


Topped with 3/4" MDF. Step is 9" tall.


Added a strip of MDF to the front of the arms for the valance on the upper level. This will also give me a place to mount the LED lights.


Since the supports for the upper level are on the back side of the benchwork, I had to add these filler blocks to even it out when I install the facia.


Finished the rest of the "X" bracing for this section of benchwork. Ready for the upper level supports!


This time I put the vertical supports to the inside of the benchwork instead of the outside. It cuts my usable space down 3/4" on the lower level, from 12" to 11.25", but it alows me to keep my isle width at 36". Trade offs.....


Few more installed


Adding the open grid benchwork on top. Also cut out the triangle piece for the corner.


Checking level.


Installing the vertical supports to the ceiling joists.


Finished putting in the strips of MDF for the upper level valance and lights.


Upper level vertical supports all installed. Lower level is the Rock Creek area, and the upper level with be part of the town of Bridgeport.


The inside of the mushroom.



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