July 2nd, 2017

Construction continues. I was excited to start on the mushroom part of the layout, since I really had no plans on how to build the upper level benchwork and have it extend out over the lower level without any supports. The key was going to be some beefy vertical supports, so I doubled up the MDF and made a cradle for the upper level open grid benchwork to sit in. Along with some glue and screws, it held it's self level, although it's only 12" wide, so that helps out as well.
Tying the upper level benchwork into the ceiling was another problem I had to think about. In the end, I used the same double MDF vertical supports and glued and screwed an arm to them that was again screwed into the ceiling joists. So far, it seems like it's gonna work really good. The arm also extends out far enough to have the valance attached to it.
I also got in some more supports on the stairwell wall, extending around the layout entrance door. On to the pics!!!



Installing the legs for the benchwork. I had a whole lot of 2x6's that I aquired from a real estate office that moved. These were used for all the cubicals. I'll never refuse free wood! So yeah, they are overkill, but again, FREE!


The need for leveling due to the unenven cement.


Temporary legs are holding up the next section of benchwork.


This section will be across the isle from the yard (located where the blue tub is to the left)


Looking the other way.


First support for the upper level installed. Both pieces are glued and screwed together, as well as glued and screwed to the lower level benchwork. The upper level open grid benchwork will sit on the inner support at the top.


More installed


I removed the temporary benchwork and sat it in place to see how well the vertical supports lined up. Just clamped into place right now.


This area will eventually be the East leg of the Laws wye. The supports on the right are temporary.


More supports added on the wall.


Completed. Lower level is the Branch line, upper level is Walker Canyon.


Supports for the upper level. The arm on the left will be screwed to the ceiling joists, as well as give me a place to attach the upper level valance.


Upper level open grid benchwork ready to be glued and screwed in.




.... and level.


Installing the vertical supports into the ceiling joists. Just like the lower level, double MDF supports.


Another view of both levels.


L girder installed and getting the legs put in for the next section of benchwork.


From the other side. The cross "X" bracing is there to keep things from moving around too much until I get more benchwork installed and secured into the ceiling.


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