January 15th, 2018

Not too much done since last update, but the change is very apparent. Decided to get the rest of the backdrops put up around the whole mushroom section of the layout. Now when I step up on the raised flooring and walk down the isleway inside the mushroom, it feels like I'm in a completely different part of the room. It's pretty awesome!
I also finished up some more spline through Rock Creek Canyon. I need to move some stuff around that I've been storing in the layout room. That couch and tool chest need to go so I can build some more benchwork!


So this view is kinda jumbled up, we are looking at the mushroom from the opposite side of the room that I've been working at on the last few updates. Note the clamps to the upper right. That is where you walk into the raised section of the mushroom.


Standing at the room entrance, Laws wye is to the lower right. We are going to step up into the raised section of the mushroom...


Step up into the isleway...


And peek around the corner to the future town of Bridgeport. I set up some pieces of spline with track taken from the old layout to see how this area will look.


Looking into the mushroom. This section of benchwork is about 10' long on the left.


Standing at the end of the isleway looking back towards where we came in at. See that ugly roll of carpet bottom righ? That's the town of Laws behind that lower backdrop.


The reason John Armstrong named this style of layout the "mushroom"


Standing back at the layout entrance, looking slightly left. The spline is coming around the curve under the end of the mushroom and going to cross the large bridge over Rock Creek.


Another view. Need to get that couch and tool chest out of here.


Added on to the old piece of spline coming up Rock Creek Canyon on the left


Staggering those joints!


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