August 22nd, 2017

So that raised floor I built a month ago didn't turn out as well as I had planned. I guess I was in a rush and didn't think things through. It was pretty squeaky when you walked on it, and I was leary about it's ability to hold up three 200lb guys if they were all congregating at one location. It also wasn't as wide as I would have liked. So I rebuilt it. I also added the short section of benchwork where the mushroom turns back in to single deck railroad. And for some reason I never took a picture of the last section of raised flooring with the 3/4" MDF sheeting on it. Oh well, you get the idea.


The short section of mushroom benchwork about to go in.


Triangle piece in place.


Legs on and in position. This picture is taken from just outside the layout room.


This is the last section of mushroom benchwork I'll need to build. The rest of the layout in the center of the room is traditional single deck with a common backdrop between each deck.


Adding the vertical supports for the extended section of benchwork at the town of Bridgeport.


Verticals on the short section


The whole enchilada so far. Looks like a mess of sticks to me. Once the backdrops are in, it will really take shape.


Upper level open grid benchwork installed on this short section.


Standing on the raised floor.


Rebuilding the raised floor. Had some problems with the old one (in too big a hurry to get it built caused issues) Fixing those issues with this one.


Main supports put in. Built this one like a short wall. All supports are on 16" centers.


Added a strip of 3/8" chip board left over from the house addition. This really will solid up these side pieces.


This time I'm making the floor wider so it will butt right up against the benchwork legs. I'll be able to screw the legs into the flooring to make things even stronger.


Butt right up to the benchwork legs.


Leveled out and ready for the cross bracing.


All the cross supports are in. Everything is glued and screwed together.


Topped with 3/4" MDF.


Continuing the raised floor towards the layout entrance.


Leveled out and ready for sheeting.



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