August 8th, 2017

Lots done in this update! Jumped over and added the mushroom benchwork across from all the previously installed mushroom benchwork. The future town of Bridgeport on the upper level and the trestle scene crossing Rock Creek on the lower level are now in place. Gonna need to get some backdrops up next to really see how this mushroom design comes together! Can't wait!


Building the L girder sections. I use 3/4" plywood for these, since I need them to be strong and not sag. MDF is great as long as it's supported well, but this section doesn't have much support, so had to go with plywood. Top section is 2.5" and lower section is 4".


The plywood gives the MDF a good solid foundation to rest on.


Legs on. This section is quite a bit lower than the rest of the benchwork because I'm having a deep canyon scene here and need it to be 8" lower than the rest of the benchwork due to the large trestle that will go here.


It's quite apparent how much lower it is in this shot.


Built the raised sections on each side of the trestle scene. These sections are at normal height and will match up with the rest of the benchwork.


Setting up one of the bridge towers.


Starting on the vertical supports for the upper level.


Upper level open grid benchwork temporarily sitting in place.


The upper level sticks out over the lower level by 2". I needed more space on the upper level for the town of Bridgeport. I'm hoping that it won't be a big issue when you are walking around on the lower level. Time will tell if I made a mistake or not.


Standing on the raised floor. The town of Bridgeport will be located where the blue level is on the left and extend around to the benchwork on the right.


Adding the upper level end section to tie the benchwork together. Depth is 12". This section also extends past the lower level by a few inches as well.


Standing back on the raised flooring. Temporary support holding the end section up.


Adding the vertical supports and attaching them to the ceiling joists.


Looking up from the lower level.


Supports added and lights/facia support added.


Gluing in the rest of the vertical supports for the upper level open grid benchwork.


All installed.


From down below. The glue and screws are doing a great job of holding up this 14" section of benchwork!


Shot looking up from inside the mushroom.


Adding in the lower level benchwork at the end of the isle.


One last shot. Once the backdrops are in, you won't be able to see into the isleway. Can't wait to get them up!


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